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Beautiful Epoxy Floors That Are Practical

Whether it’s your rumpus room, entertainment area, patio, pool surrounds, carport, garage or man shed… the look and condition of your floors can make all the difference to the appearance of your home.

Blending beauty and functionality, epoxy flooring is what we do! Transforming bare concrete garage and shed floors into hard wearing, tough as nails surfaces. And after 15+ years in the epoxy floor installation industry, the versatility of epoxy as a residential flooring solution still amazes us.

More Than Just Garage Floors

Imagine no more mouldy, ugly or slippery concrete around your swimming pool.

What about a beautifully presented patio that’s slip resistant and your neighbours will envy.

Our professional epoxy flooring for homes is ideal for all of these areas and more. With a wide range of colours and acrylic flake sizes, our epoxy flooring team can best match the right coating to your home.


As one of the longest serving floor coating companies on the Sunshine Coast, we’re perfectly positioned to service residents throughout the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay, no matter how big or small your flooring job is.

Noosa – Mooloolaba – Caloundra –  Glasshouse – Beerwah – Caboolture – Morayfield – Bribie Island – North Brisbane – Gympie


For larger residential and commercial epoxy flooring projects, we offer our services as far as…

Brisbane City – Brisbane South – Cooloola Coast – Hervey Bay – Maryborough – Kingaroy – South Burnett – Toowoomba – Ipswich – Gold Coast

To check if your flooring makeover qualifies
as a “Large Project”, simply call our office to find out.

For Long Lasting, Beautiful Floors

From Flooring Prep To Final Presentation

From concrete grinding to final seal coat, leaving you with a finished floor and a transformed space we take care of every step.

With Floortec Seamless Coatings and epoxy flooring, you also get:

  • Great customer service,
  • High quality workmanship backed by over a decade and a half in the industry, and
  • Your choice of hard wearing colours, acrylic flake size and anti-slip options.

So whether your flooring makeover is for practical or visual reasons, here at Floortec Seamless Coatings, we have you covered.

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing Sunshine Coast

Like Entertaining But Don’t Have A Nice Space?

Did you know that an epoxy floor makeover can transform your shed, carport or garage into a multi-purpose, entertainment area? Outdoor parties is a typically Australian practice. So imagine having a great looking, easy to clear space that can double as carport day-to-day and an entertainment area when you need it.

Make Your Space

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing Sunshine Coast

CSIRO/PCCP Accredited & School Approved

We’re proud to be both CSIRO/PCCP Accredited Applicator and hold Government Approved Status.

Our products have been tested and approved for safe school use. This means our flooring compounds have been proven to be gentler on the environment and low VOC.

For Quality And Safety in Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast & Beyond

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing Sunshine Coast

Residential Floor Makeovers
– Your Choice of Colour –

We’re happiest when we have choice, and our massive range of colours offers you plenty of that. Choice! 

Carnivale, Sherbert, Nightfall… these are just some of the names of our epoxy finishes including new generation colours through to more classic acrylic flake colour finishes.

And yes, we even offer a range of beautiful, earth-toned slip resistant options all featuring Certified Slip rating, RI0/R12.

When choosing your flooring colour, we recommend considering:

  1. The purpose of your space – e.g. shed vs carport vs patio,
  2. Your Existing Scheme – including the colours of your walls and adjacent areas. 

The epoxy coating we apply is easily cleaned, however we recommend considering darker tones in areas prone to tyre marks and stains. The random dispersment of the acrylic flake usually hides most smaller marks.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, give us a call and we can arrange a time to present you with actual samples.

Epoxy Colour Choices

New Generation Range Sneak Peak

Classic Range Sneak Peak

Slip Resistant Range Sneak Peak

For A Chat About Epoxy Colours

Full Service Sunshine Coast Epoxy Flooring Solutions

It can be hard to imagine what’s involved in something you may be doing for the first time.
Epoxy flooring preparation and coating process involves
7 steps.

1. Concrete Grinding

The first step in preparing your indoor or outdoor slab is to resurface it by grinding away the top few layers. This removes any surface contaminants, removes / bumps or ridges and prepares the concrete to bind with the epoxy compound. You can see from this video that our specialty equipment vacuums up most of the dust.

This step also reveals any hidden cracks that require repair.

2. Patching Cracks, Taping & Cutting In

We take the time to fill in all the cracks, tape adjoining areas to protect them and cut into the corners with the base coat before proceeding.

Garage floor makeover preparation

3. Base Coat Application

Rolled on to ensure full, even coverage, for a nice even finish.

Because we don’t spray nor pour our coatings, we can avoid things like overspray and colour leaking under doors onto other surfaces.

4. Dispersing Flake

Once the base coloured epoxy is applied, wearing special footwear, we manually spread the acrylic flake of your choice over your entire floor and leave it to dry overnight.

The random pattern caused by the flake serves as a great camouflage for dirt meaning you won’t feel the need to endlessly be sweeping and mopping to keep your floor looking amazing. 

5. Sand Excess Flake

Like a find grade sandpaper, this process remove any loose and excess flake preparing for the first seal coat.

6. Apply First Seal Coat

This coat serves to harden the surface and to lock in the acyclic flake design. Applied by roller, we can guarantee a seamless finish.

This also brings out the true colour of the floor finish.

7. Roll On Final Clear Coating

This final clear coating is applied by roller to extend the life of your chosen finish. It protects the epoxy and the flake design, giving it a professionally finished look.

For More On Our Complete 7 Step Epoxy Flooring Process

Sunshine Coast Epoxy Floors

– Benefits & Applications –

Driveway Sealing and Driveway Resurfacing Brisbane

Other Epoxy Benefits

  1. Seamless Coating – This prevents water and dirt getting into where it doesn’t belong making cleaning a breeze
  2. Mould & Mildew Resistant – Your floors looking better and for longer than painted or bare concrete
  3. Easy To Clean & Hygienic – Always looks good
  4. Anti-Slip Available – Perfect for paths, pool and other we areas
  5. Hardwearing – You can park vehicles on it with no worry of damage
  6. Long lasting – Professionally applied epoxy will outlast most other flooring coatings available on the market

Epoxy Home Floor Transformations

To help you visualise the massive transformation you can expect from an epoxy flooring makeover, here’s some of our favourite 
before and afters. From garages to patios.

Interested In Our Driveway Resurfacing Too?