P1030350_tnOur Buderim, Sunshine Coast Clients were renovating and wanted a “Non Slip” and attractive coating for their extensive outdoor entertaining area around the Pool, Gazebo and Stairs and Patio.

A Decorative Slip Resistant coating was used for this project in the neutral colour of Pewter.  As all surfaces were outdoors, we used a product that had the required and compliant Non Slip rating.

The process required the grinding of the whole area to be treated, including stairs and this needed meticulous and detailed attention to ensure the prepared surface was completely free of contaminants and any old coating materials.  The whole area was then sealed, ensuring the surface to be coated was completely dry before the base coat and chosen colour was applied.  Two coats of non yellowing Polyurethane coating were then applied to provide a hard wearing surface.

Whilst the project took a number of days to complete due to the required detail and condition of the surface needing to be perfect before application, the Clients were very happy with the completed job saying “Job well done!…if any of your clients would like to see the end result, we would be happy for them to check it out”.

Just another great transformation of a concrete surface area, using Floortec’s proven Quality Systems and decorative coating products which are provided by P1030354_tnleading international coating supplier Sika

The pictures displayed to the right show the Gazebo area around the Pool and the Stairs leading up to the Pool.