There are some great products out there for Coating Driveways. However, our “Cementitious Spray On” range is proving to be the most popular at the moment.

Pictured here is one we recently started in Buderim in a Charcoal Grey finish.  This is an Attractive look providing an Impressive entry to any home, and it is also Hard Wearing, Easy to Clean and has an Anti-Slip finish.  The picture shows the difference between the newly completed surface and the old dirty Concrete prior to its being coated in stage 2.

The process includes Taping off all surrounding areas so as not to damage plants, or adjoining walls.  Then Grinding the old concrete and Patching any cracks or holes.

A Primer is then applied, the Coating is sprayed on and 2 coats of Sealer applied. Vehicles must stay off the surface for one week, however you can walk on it after 24 hours.