Epoxy Flooring

The colours displayed on this website have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against a sample of the product before purchasing a varying light conditions and limitations of computer and limitations of computer screens/monitors affect colour tones. Our epoxy flooring services are second to none! Contact us today to learn more about what epoxy is and its benefits!


grey_granite_pop (catalogue) Epoxy FlooringNew Generation

An extensive new range of modern acrylic flake colour finishes to suit today’s modern and expressive lifestyle.

Exciting new colour combinations such as the grey and ochre tonings of Carnivale, the luscious and exotic look of Sherbert, or the stunning dark finish of Black Granite are an ideally suited to current architectural styles.

(Small size flake only) These new style colour blends have been targeted at the modern decor of homes. It is especially designed to enhance garage floor surfaces, and appear passive, but look finished in line with the colour decor of the home.

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standard and classic blends (cat) Epoxy FlooringStandard And Classic Blends

The Floortec Classic Collection features a comprehensive range of acrylic flake colour combinations, in either large or small flake patterns, to suit a wide range of flooring applications.

These flakes blends have been the “main stay”for many years are still popular colour blends in many areas including schools, commercial premises and some domestic areas as well. These blends come in either large or small size flake.


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marble tonings cat Epoxy FlooringMarble Tonings

A beautiful range of colours and tones to complement any room.

From the stunning Black Marble to the subtle Caramel Marble, these are the classic and traditional marble look finishes.

Specifically designed to look like a Marble effect when applied on surfaces. Richer colours for a highlight effect as well as some passive looks giving customers an option and choice. These blends come in large and small size flake.

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slip resistant cat Epoxy FlooringSlip Resistant

A new and very modern style, slip resistant and hard wearing floor coating. Available in 10 stunning colour combinations

(Certified Slip rated floor to RI0/R12) Specifically designed for the areas where slip resistance is required; examples include school toilets and change rooms, exit/entry areas to homes and pool surrounds as well as commercial premises and commercial kitchens.


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free form cat Epoxy FlooringFree Form

A range of incredible floor coating where style, colour and texture are only limited by your imagination. Mostly used in retail outlets E.g.; Boutiques, Hairdressing etc..




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Polished Concrete

Ask us about our polished concrete process and the look you are trying to achieve.